So..2018 is here!!

So, as we all know 2017- ‘the year of fulfillment and creating adventures‘ (at least for me) went by and it was both good and bad on both sides. I learned a lot of things, found and lost many people in my life, started working full time, made money, created content and went on a trip to the most beautiful places of all time and experienced the everlasting feeling of my life.
I wanted to write this blog “about new year and new year resolutions” but standing and riding on the same bandwagon where people from blogosphere and videosphere talking about their “bucket lists” and “inspirations/follow up resolutions” was something, I wasn’t interested in. So, let’s talk about something that everybody needs and everybody wants.
11  things everybody should be practicing in 2018, because people (on overall basis needs headsup)

  1. Be humble genuinely: Humbleness kills negativity, very often we talk about how we should stay away from negativity but instead if we preach about people being humble and kind, this world would be a better place.
  2. Preach Body Positivity: I cannot stress this enough but people actually need a hardcore lesson and session on “body positivty” and “no body shaming“. Don’t let the insecurity of yours, hurt the feelings of another person. You may not know how hard the person is working, body shaming is something that should not be tolerated or practiced.
  3. Don’t be a victim of your insecurity: Insecurity has now taken a whole new turn of “making others feel bad for your own good“, often people who are insecure- bully other people, make them feel bad about their sensitive part, just so that, they can feel good about it. If you are insecure, work out on it. Take help. Meditate. Don’t let your insecurity feed on other people’s insecurity.
  4. Minding your own business: Everyone is so invested in other people’s life, life choices, decisions, food they eat, clothes they wear, habits they practice- we often forget that at some point we should practice the method of “minding our own business“. Let’s not judge and gossip about people, instead work hard on our own self for better.
  5. Leave: Many a times our parents, teachers and guardians often preach us with lessons- “Only coward leave” and we take that saying to justify other people’s “negativity“, “mental abuse” and “negligence“. If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t make you happy, If you wake up and don’t feel good about that- Just leave.
    You will eventually find something better to hop on for the progression.
  6. Don’t collect papers, collect lessons: This is something that I want to spread- Education is important, degree is important but more than that, educating yourself is important- getting wisdom, knowledge and personality is important. Don’t just stop when you get the degree- work needs no papers, all it needs is your hard work, passion and your optimistic personality.
  7. Do what is right for you: By that, if it means to leave toxic people, toxic workplace, get another degree, giving someone a mouthful of frustration, getting those extra 15 minutes on treadmill, eating a piece of cake- by all your heart, DO THAT. I cannot stress this enough, don’t let anybody dull you shine, hide your wish and stop you from doing what you want.
  8. Eat for that weight loss: I will never stop preaching people about body and self love. But people skipping breakfast, lunch to lose weight is something where I lose my mind. Eat that damn roti and subzi. Don’t just chirp like a bird over a lunch, trust me sister- this is not how you will lose weight. Try working with dumbells, eat those almonds, skip refined sugar, eat your vegetables and you’ll be fine.
  9. Work out in developing your personality: It is very important to have a personality that speaks out before you do! It is important to understand the sense of dressing, speech, style and smart decisions. No matter how big school you are from or how better your grades are- If your personality ain’t speaking, you shouldn’t too.
  10.  Explore: Exploring by all means is ‘getting out of your comfort zone’, it can also be varied on all sense. Get out your comfort zone and explore taste, places, outfits, sections. Experiment it all out and just let your self know- what and where your exploring sense is.
  11. Save something: Personally, this point is for me or for anyone who just can’t/don’t save money. Spending, cashing is good, you want to buy that dress, long sighted shoes- Go ahead! But prioritized when and where you should spend and save. Save something from your salary.
  12. Know your priority: Balance and prioritize when necessary. It is important to know- when and what is important. Balancing is the key to live in modern world- Acknowledge the importance of loved ones, family, work, colleagues and at the end- Know when to give priority to yourself!


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