Is fashion dumb?

We often take a tour on the opinion rail, when someone confesses the trait of loving the art of fashion or blazing the fields of passion when it comes to styling and wardrobe. Generally people don’t take things seriously or like to take the person on general basis, when the confession is out there, loud. Do we really have to be Anna Wintour stake to be taken seriously?
Are people belonging/advising and orienting their career in the respective field, really dumb?
Since when do field qualified, how smart you are as a person, on a general note I have seen CEO’s of IT companies really stupid- if the comparison has to be really on that stooped level.
As my ex-boss once said to me, “your approach is very girly” followed by his question on “how I should concentrate TEDx videos more than I follow other fashion/influencer/celeb categories.”
The world doesn’t qualified you as “to be taken seriously” stamp, if you follow the norms more, the amount of maturity and non-political mind influenced by your daily decision, is what makes you a smart and contented person.
You don’t scream with “take me seriously” banner walking all around, your work and your passion followed by your undivided faith in your work is what makes you a serious person.

Taking the last lead for my ex-boss, I wish watching a particular genre of movies made you smart, but unfortunately even the most literate person are sexist and dumb.



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