What are fashion bloggers??

There has always been conflicting between “Styling what you think is your style” and “varying on what’s so trendy and keeping it up with”. “What are bloggers supposed to do?”.  Are we here to qualify on the terms of fashion weeks across the world, concentrating on our own ramp fashion” or “Are we supposed to portray our own fashion compressing as “personal style” with practical indulgences or we went on with fashion weeks”. If we go on with fashion portrayals, what exactly differ bloggers with designers and models. We are definitely more than just mannequins with clothes on it, we conceptualize the styling. We don’t belong to ad agencies, though the success level is measured through the number of virtual and tele advertising, a blogger gets.

Are we more than just a people who conceptualize a concept of styling and outfits, or blogging is just an alternative way to reach a passive section of modelling and reach a mass selection of celeb status.
Are the blogger, the new celebs? Sometimes, I think the answer to this question is YES. Successful bloggers and vloggers play different roles all in one way. Be it presenter, actor, editor, makeup artist, good explaining skills, public speaking, model- Or someone who knows how to act in front of the camera and still is recognized as common. “What are we?” – I have no clue, and I am serving in this field for 3 years. I don’t know what I am looking for, It’s something that I like- conceptualizing the style and still pertaining the age old methods of “Insta-blogger” or Is the passion of blogging is just a stepping stone to the main passion we crave for?
Nobody knows…











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