Because, fuck ambitions!

In today’s completely irrelevant blog post, I am going to do what I am really good at and something, that I do on daily basis- Ranting.
I apologize to anyone who has been offended by this title. So, you think that this title is harsh, right? here’s the thing, reality is fucking poison, and you have to gulp it down before you realize that you live in the world, where sexism and racism is so into the nerve that even the best of the people, not realizing what they just uttered- just committed the crime of being sexist.

Here’s a small story for you people.
So, recently I heard this man (in his 40’s) saying, “I’m really happy, that she is (he was talking about this young girl who was getting married) getting married, and she doesn’t have to think about working because she’s marrying to a very prosperous house (that’s what he sugarcoated).
What he actually meant was “she’s marrying this rich family,  she doesn’t have to think about working anymore”. And that got me into thinking, Is this an actual goal? So, eventually my career doesn’t matter, if I marry someone”rich”.
The relevance of my career is directly proportional to the bank balance and property of the guy, I am marrying! Since when do working for men, is essential and necessity whereas working for women is a privilege. I don’t want to generalize the statement, “not working after marriage”. Many women opt, not to work after marriage. Whereas many women , with this amazing support and encouragement from their husbands and in-laws start their own firm and they are successful and independent, financially and emotionally.

In our country, where diversity is our biggest “tourism marketing strategy”, we often like to shame people on basis of their colours, choices, body shame them for something on how they are, what they choose to wear. We never understood the concept of “free will” and “you, do you” and why is it so hard for people to understand, that stooping it to the level of being so low, that you end up criticizing on something like their “colour” and their “body shape” is so un-acceptable and classless.

Concluding this blog as, I never heard anyone saying to a guy, “oh, you are getting married to this girl, who is rich. You don’t even have to worry about working anymore”. 

Here’s the picture of my outfit, that I casually wore the other day.
Dress is from Chemistry , Denim jacket is from Elle





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