Independent magazine : UNTOUCHED

So, as you guys would have already guessed from my social media postings. I have my own independent magazine and I am so proud of this project. Working into magazine industry has always been my main priority and passion and somehow after many hurdles and obstacles, I decided to produce my own, created and curated by me and my team.
As the name suggests, UNTOUCHED(here) means, none of the pictures are photoshopped, edited, corrected or touched in any form. Our main focus was to create a raw content for young adults, so instead of feeling insecure or bad about any part of ourselves, I wanted young girls to read and feel empower. This magazine is specially designed for young adults, so all the content, stories, articles, pictures and fashion is very fresh and something that is very practical on daily basis.
In our country, there is really no publication indicating directly to young adults, dealing with their issues and focusing on them. I wanted to create original, raw and specific content for them so that they feel obliged, powerful and relatable. “Relatable” is the theme of our first edition.
This is a bi-monthly magazine, there will be total 6 publications in a year. For more detailed information, you can watch this Youtube Video to know more about specific details and (also a sneak peak of few pages).





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