What’s so bizarre in repeating?

Can somebody explain it to me, what’s the deal with “repeating clothes” and “fashion” ?, like please explain it to me how “wearing more than once something you really like” is such a big fashion faux pas. I love repeating clothes, and to be honest- I am a serial repeater. If you see me in cute floral blue dress, chances are I am wearing that dress 5 times in a row. For instance, let’s talk about this particular denim shirt. Whoever is following me on Instagram or anywhere, knows how much I love denim jackets. I’ll buy same pair for 5 times, just because it’s a denim jacket or denim shirt and I try to pair it with pair of clothing I own. I can even wear saree and wear denim jacket on the top (well, it’s a good idea to be honest). Fashion should be liberating, it should be one’s own language of expression. Respecting each other’s expressions should be our concern. I love when people are free with their dressing, because non judgement attire is something worth to appreciate.

Dress – Mango, Jacket – Only, Jhumkis,shoes – Sarojini market, Sunglasses – Missamore

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