Comfortable in your own skin


I have never procrastinated so much in the last few years , the way I did in the last few weeks. I have always been this uptight kind of person who likes to stick to schedule and complete the tasks before time but doing this at time on time again makes everything so robotic. I am not dissing people who likes to do work on time (or before time as a matter of fact) and in fact I am this kind of person who likes to do things on time , arrive on time but I am laying back a little these days (voluntarily) and thus the reason why this post has been delayed so far.
I always talk about how important it is to feel great and comfortable in your skin and to be fair it is just so hard for normal people of actually feel great about themselves and their body when literally there are hundreds to people to rule you down by passing comments the moment they meet you. I don’t feel like lecturing on this topic because you have tons of motivational posts about “body positivity” and “comfortable in your skin” all over the internet. All I want to say is just be who you are and stay what makes you happy. If a piece of pie is all you need right now , go ahead open the fridge and take a bite. If it’s 30 repetitions of burpees and all the endorphins you need , lace it up and go ahead. We have so many people, so many rules and so many posts all around telling us what to do that we ultimately forget the main fact , “what we actually want to do”.





Dress – Forever 21 , flats – Miss Bennett , Sunglasses – Missamore

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