Not your regular fashion blogger !

I’m feeling like one of those who starts the drama and it goes all over and then suddenly, you are back with the same thing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see this video . I took a good break of two months and it gave me the feel of detox I needed for a fresh start. It was good , siting back and taking the lead and observing the profession and other people in the field to look at them. It helped me to prioritize and make rules of “how I work” .
One thing that I understand about myself is that I can never be one of those bloggers , ‘who end up working for money’ , I don’t mind earning from something that I love but producing “pre-verified-mandated” content is something that I am not up for. Thinking of new content , new ideas , improvisation – these were the things that lead me to sit and start over with clean slate and get over from the messy start to much disrupt ending.
I won’t be running after brands, forced giggle with other fashion bloggers when I clearly don’t like the way they work , beg you to vote me for some randomest contest conducted by some randomest app/website – just so that I can satisfy my ass ego. I will be producing content that gives me an immense pleasure which will satisfy my creative soul.



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