To Red and Denim


If you ask me , “which one outfit I can wear till eternity” – that would be this combination. Ask me how it feels to wear colour and a person like me who lusts over black and blue’s will give you an answer that will be an immense shocker to the dark monochrome team. I feel, somehow I relate to the dark side of the fashion world , where the core is naked and pure. It’s not rainbow and sparkles but blacks,plums and intensified style. It’s good to know that you define yourself with something so pure,so naked and spirited  and not plagiarized by mainstream visual we encounter on everyday basis. I never understand why people conceal their natural self side , when in real fashion is all about uncovering the sense and persona of who you actually are.
In layman words , I could have concealed my scars,spots and blemishes or in a lazy way – could have corrected with magical tool available in the editor but it’s time to enjoy what you have been blessed with right now – Flaws,norms or you!
This was the concept I tried portraying in this blog. Voluntarily intensifying the pictures to apt with the concept I feel is appropriate. Scroll down to know more about the outfit








Dress – The , Denim shirt – Elle , Choker – Diy , Sunglasses – Missamore


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