For the love of Gold&Silver


Let’s talk about so called “fashion rules” , “fashion no-no’s ” , “alleged fashion faux pas” ,  flipping through the pages , hearing the experts talking about how black and brown don’t go together or not to match silver and gold together , don’t wear two different types of prints. I get it , all of these seemed relevant when fashion was taken more into “following” , “tamed to be ” and “much like disciplinary” but in the team of millennials everything here is taken in revolutionary mode and  in the era of street style – nothing is off limits!
Think of the time when Carrie Bradshaw (my fashion goddess) wore colored patch with sequin and she totally nailed it. I’m wearing ethnic silver and gold jewelry with my bodycon LBD with sports dry fit and I think , I am having my own Carrie Bradshaw moments.
We often forget that all we need is a whole of confidence to make that outfit S-L-A-Y
So , yeah that’s what I have been getting into the thoughts lately , otherwise you can pretty much figure out the outfits. Outfit details at the end , keep scrollin’




9 4 6



7 5

Dress – Stalkbuylove
Sports jacket – Adidas
Boots – Knotty Derby
Bag – Stalkbuylove
Jewelry – local

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