When you can do both #1




As a person who loves to experiment with fashion here and there on daily life , the more I like to talk about casual outfit and daily wear on my blog but my soul belongs to the looks where I get out of my comfort element and talk about the content we as a fashion enthusiasts forget about. I always think bloggers are more than talking about how easy monochrome is to style with but it’s about breaking barriers with fashion content. I wish I could call this post as my indian street style,  desi fusion or best of all edgy fusion. Trust me , I can either go wearing pj’s all day or get this edgy  (okay fine , just for the sake of blog) . But I really like how this look turned out to be. It’s refreshing yet a massive head turner. Pairing it up with dark color bindi and oxidized nath with covered up block heels gives a massive mix and match of all the trends. Omg , can we talk about the choker! Also the lace and mesh detailings of the outfit… A total yaaaas !
Trust me , a single piece of jewelry makes a lot of difference. Think of this whole look without nath and you can go casual as hell.


img_9926 img_9925 img_9923





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