Let’s get together with Big Bazaar


Colours not only bring life to the routine but is also a great way to express yourself your day to day routine. Have you ever noticed how every colour has it’s own vibe and nature, where somehow red brings passion and aggression , white is all about serene and calm. We love expressing our essence with the type of clothes we wear , the colour of our outfit not only sends out the message we want to portray but also the type of attributes we give in.

How about now , what if we color match! We somehow feel relate when we see someone wearing the same coloured outfit as ours. Imagine yourself wearing blue denim and white tee and you see another person wearing the same combination , you feel related. We exchange smile , (if the person is your friend ) it’s a group thing then, we talk about how the outfit co-ordinate and how it seems like a team. And if you encounter this with a newly met person , you exchange it with a smile and somehow this one little unknown gesture of color co-ordination brings a way of communication, you never thought would happen.

This colour matching is a huge ice breaker between two people not only during festive times but also in day to day routine and this concept was beautiful bought by “Big Bazaar” with their campaign of “Jab rang milenge tabhi toh nahi rang khilenge”  where Big Bazaar is celebrating Navratri and Dusshera with campaign of #9colours#9looks where they have varied range of clothes available for everyone for every occasion , also in every colour to just oomph up your whole look. You can go to your nearest big bazzar and see the collection over there (which by the way , you should) .

Big Bazzar did a video on colour matching between people and communicating . You can watch the videos here and here .




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