Skater florals and lace


There is no doubt to convey about how much I love blogging,how much passion I feel when I go out in locations and style outfits with creativity and to finally get that into a blogpost. I have nurtured my website and this blog has yield me into a different person, a person who knows what she’s upto, who knows what she want and with confidence. Sometimes it cringes me up so bad knowing how much further ahead new people in blogging world are going without realising “that this is not what blogging is all about” . This might sound a little rant towards it but , when I started this blog – I didn’t started out of the superficial reason that “I want to earn like this xyz blogger” or “I want to have free stuff from this xyz brand” , I love fashion and am very serious about it and I love writing , and blogging gives me a vast canvas to draw what I think and to style which I can call “my own” . Collaborating with brands which suits the genre of your blog seems genuine and justified but when your every single post title is entitled with “ft. xyz” you have taken the concept of blogging way to far.
On the first place “fashion/beauty” blogging is about how you do fashion , and what you think fashion is. Your website gives a whole wide concept to people peeping into your wardrobe and your style through a virtual platform and when they see that everything is either sponsored or partly controlled by the brand – this gets little disappointing.
Though this might get that I am against earning money or free access to the product- I’m not! Nothing beats the feeling when you earn or get benefit by doing something which you are highly passionate about.
But, if you are doing it because it might get you a chance to earn or access to free gifts *a big giant no* . I am not against collaborations, I have collaborated with many brands,I have asked brands to collaborate with me (being honest here) but I try my level best to maintain my personal style and sponsored post – creating a balancing act.

I needed to get this thing out of chest , because that’s what blogging is all about.


Dress – Chemistry , Shrug – Indian Gully , Aviators – Streets , Strappy sandals – Miss Bennett , Jewelries – Local












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