Review: Irresistible me ‘Ruby auto rotating curler’


When it comes to hairstyle the only styling I do is seasonly change my hair color , but never ever have I even considered to curl my hair and when IrresistibleMe sent me across their beautiful *black box with a ruby colored diamond printed on it* with their auto rotating curler – My excitement saw no boundaries. Yes , before this I have never curled my hair or operated any curling wand (*yes,technology*) but this one is so easy to use and even for newbies like me , this curler is straightway an easy game.

Before you try , make sure you buy adaptor plug so that you can use , as the tool is made by American terms and regulation. This tool is very handy , very light weighted and you can set the temperature in four option knowing which temperature is suitable for you (I went in for 410F , as my hair is pretty thick and needed something as a little temperature for the curls to actually sustain).
The most amazing part is , that it takes around a minute or less to actually heat up . Once you secure your hair to the clipper (make sure you go down-to-up , instead of clipping your hair up-to-down) , there are three buttons in the middle of the curler (the left , right and the neutral button) depending upon the style of the curl you want , the left button basically gives outward curls and if you want tight and inward (more like traditional curls) then right button is for you. The red button in between the left and right button sets the rod into it’s original position.










This whole curling process took me around 15 minute to complete and the curls turn out to be pretty beautiful and voluminous and less frizzy. This curl stayed the next morning and gave more volume to my hair, never in my life I had that amazing curly voluminous pony tail.


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