February Favorites – 2016


It’s been five days,since February ended with it’s own series of 29 days, and I couldn’t be more grieved about it. The moment February ends,it took away all the good atmosphere,cold mornings,opportunities to wear sweatshirts with shorts and to sleep , cuddling in a blanket but turning the fan on. How balancing that is! (*ting*) .
But somehow,we can’t stop the seasons to change,the time to pass by and transitions to experience. Since the year started,I have only resolution to keep and that is “to spend one month,without buying anything” but I think I should just accept the fact and I just can’t keep up with my resolution. I purchased few of the things in the month of February and some were sent to me. And the moment I saw them,used them or even tried once – They were automatically in my favorites list!

To start off, I am going to pat my back out of appreciation for the notebook , I DIY’ed with beautiful and colorful washi tapes. Washi tapes are the most creative,amazing thing I have ever purchased in the stationary section. (apart from glitter and connector pens) I bought this boring brown colored classmate notebook from the local stationary and in the alternate patterns , I just decorated it with the tapes. I love the way , it turned out. It is so cute,so amazing and I absolutely love the way it looks.Nowadays, you can find washi tapes almost in every local craftstore or stationary.


In the last week of February, I bought this golden reflective eyewear from missamore . They just introduced their eyewear collection and I am in love with it. It goes with my face shape amazingly and suits me perfectly. I always try not to go overboard with funky sunglasses,because I somehow end up looking like a funny cartoon (*that’s what my best friend says*),but this is so perfect with the tint of edge to it and is perfect. I bought this reading frame from Claire’s store from the mall and it is a prefect cat-eyed reading glasses frame. Due to it’s shape, it just oomphs up the whole look,and gives you a subtle lift to your face which makes it more poised and chic. Cat-eye frames look more good and apt to those who have face structure like me (dominant cheek bones,long chin and elongated jaw line-I have no idea what category it falls into) but frames like semi cat-eye with bold rims or full strong cat eye with bold rims or big bold frames in general just balances the whole structure of your face.

Then I bought, this concealer palette from amazon and it’s from a brand called “kiss beauty” and this stuff is priced just 300 bucks, and I bought this from the recommendation of Debasree Banerjee from All She Needs and I must say , I am so thankful that I took her suggestion when she posted picture of this concealer on her Instagram. Color variation is quite varied and goes well with the Indian skin tone because the dominant color tones of the concealer are yellow , which goes well with every skin tone here. They work quite perfectly and blends in nicely. They can be quite patchy,if they are not set with the powder. But with the price like that,I am so very satisfied.

Statement necklaces are my favorite part of accessorizing the look,and this boho inspired neckpiece from hintsofpinks is freaking good. It is so feminine but it has that edge , you need when you want your look to standout. My quest to find perfect red lipstick is finally over,because I got my hands on Natio lip color in rush. It’s a cool tone red , but it somehow goes perfect into my lips. The only problem with the lipstick is – It’s rose scented !
To which I am not a big fan of but the color,application,texture and formulation makes it all worth.

Then Bblunt sent me a full size product of anti-frizz leave in cream and back to life dry shampoo. The leave in cream smells amazing and does it work , very well. It just softens the texture,manages the whole fizz and makes it worth to try any hairstyle you want. If you have dry hair,this might disappoint you. Talking about back to life dry shampoo, it works good as it makes my scalp dry,non greasy and makes my hair glossy.Perfect for lazy girls like me,when washing your hair every alternate days is kinda of an annoying task.



All hail to the cute boho tribal print bagpack that I bought from 20 dresses. It is so spacious and has a cute medium
sized pouch in the front. The best thing I like about this bag is their back strap, the quality is amazing and strong.
How can I end this post and not mention about the curling iron, the PR’s were great to send this automatic curling iron from Irresistible me from their Ruby range. The wand curls automatically,as it gives you choice whether you want your curl on right or left side. I really like the box it comes in,very sturdy and spacious,also keeps your product safe. The only problem is the plug comes in American plug system,so you need a socket converter to use.

I hope that you guys enjoy the post


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