Casual Plaid and whites ft.Oranje


“Getting out of my comfort zone” seems like just a motivational phrase but if you look deep inside every words and work every letter of it , you will realise how hard it is to actually function yourself each passing days. And I think feeling a sense of comfort , in whatever you wear is a must but changing the way you dress like prints,fabric or color play a big role in transitioning the way dress up,changing the whole look. I have the habit of wearing the same type of clothes and would buy the same thing again and again just in color variation, and hence the resolution “getting out of my comfort zone”.
I was sent the whole outfit by Oranje and I must say their whole collection is amazing. Their collection is very girly with florals,plaids,polka dots and color blocks and what else do you need for summer,right?

I paired this plaid trouser with a ganji and open buttoned white shirt , just to balance out the whole plaid print. Im wearing sunglasses from Missamore,boho neckpiece from hints of pink ,pumps from Dorothy Perkins and bag from the streets of Pune.











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