Bohemian Curls ft. Aaliya

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It’s pretty clear to assume that summers are already here, and I hate to transition my clothes from being all comfy,dark and cozy to all light,cotton-y and florals.
Am I the only person who hates scorching heat? Anyways there’s nothing to love about Indian summer,where temperature touches 42 degree celsius. Before this blog becomes more of a ranting blog,than an actual outfit blog- I better get back to my business. I am wearing this super bohemian dress from Aaliya and it is perfect for summers and day time casual outfit. Whole outfit,sits at a perfect point and just gives you a perfect airy feel.Paired it up with my summer tights.These chunky strap on sandals suits the best with the vibe of my outfit and to give it a more oomph , I added boho neckpiece which I am completely obsessed with ! I have used the same in my previous blogs too.

I think you guys have noticed it by now , but I got myself a little sun tattoo and and I am so proud of myself on getting one. Read the whole story on my Instagram (punkpiegirl).

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Dress- Aaliya , Summer tights – Forever 21 , Sandals – Lara Karen , Sunglasses – Canopies

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