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Doing photo shoots for blog during winter times is fun , there’s not heat wave coming up to melt down all your makeup , your hair stays at their place and close up’s don’t show the sweat dripping nightmare . Winters are fun , fuzzy socks and cute sweatshirts are such a cherry topping to the season but winter dressing is not always about wearing all the cute stuff, specially for a girl like me who is not a fan of such “cute things” while dressing up (recalling all my bows and cute hair ties when I though cute was fun) . So whenever I dress up for this season I go for bolder colors , varied prints and different clothing style and this floral maxi dress from Missa More is such a perfection .
I love how it fits  up to the waist and then flares down like a flow and with right sizing it fits amazingly . I wanted to go with boho apt but then I changed my mind and went more like in an urban and elegant way. I tied denim jacket around my waist to add a little bit of edge in this look.



4577811PicMonkey Collagenm

Dress – MissaMore
Shirt – Elle


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