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In this beautiful fashion world , once the labeled “fashion faux pas” is now revolutionizing to a major throwback trend. Denims are the most stapled piece in the wardrobe , it can be worn by any of the genders and still it will look classic and chic. I always love the duo head-to-toe pairing of denims where you can actually range your style to major throwbacks of 70’s with wide legged denims and tight fittings at the top or you can go with edgy urban look , the choices are endless.

Tips for the starters :
– Choose the duo of lighter and darker shade of denim for the head to toe style, distressed with clean cut or just with the different shade of blue like go on with shade of indigo blue to faded blue.
-Always add a tint of color to your style wither by choosing a bright colored accessories like a scarf,statement necklace , handbag or even one swipe of colored lipstick.
-Always play with lengths , style your head-to-toe look with denim shorts and chambray shirt or denim shirt and skirt.Don’t think you can always style in the form of basic top and bottom.
-Add a touch of monochrome , because black always goes with denim so even if you want to touch the monochrome with basic black sunglasses or black/ white footwear  , this will definitely perk up the style (it’s all about balancing the color).


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 I’m so excited to add this trend to my autumn season clothing because it naturally layers itself,and this outfit is so easy to style that you can take on even on casual day at work or over the weekends.
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