First level of Layering

We all are experiencing the sudden change in the atmosphere,cold breeze in the air and suddenly the warmth of sunlight at one point feels good, though the feeling starts to fade away as soon as noon time presumes but anyhow the evenings and nights are colder,early mornings are worth to wake up little bit early and experience the change in nature sipping masala chai in my huge ass chai mug (yes, I am a tea lover) but crisis arises when it’s time to dress up either for work or college because mornings are little bit colder and noons are the worst. You layer a thin cardigan over a tank top and after few hours that cardigan is taking the life out of you.
So in this look , I smartly (patting my back , just kidding !) layered a thick chambray shirt  from ELLE over my crossneck sleeveless jumpsuit from MISS BENNETT (JABONG) and I absolutely love this combo. It is so chic and comfortable to carry throughout the entire day without feeling any sense of sweat or heat.
This jumpsuit is so light weighted and easy to wear and you can actually spend your day not worrying about your outfit and looking absolutely chic and stylish.
As you can see, I paired my outfit with purple reflective sunglasses from street market and golden studded clutch bag (those who have seen my haul video , will know about sunglasses and bag , in case you haven’t click HERE) . Red lipstick and very minimal makeup keeps your look so expressive and a striking personality.
One swipe of dark lipsticks and you are done for the day.

IMG_5869 IMG_5870123 IMG_5867 IMG_5866 IMG_5865 IMG_5864 IMG_5873

Hope you guys , enjoyed it

lots of love

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