Why travelling is always a great idea

I guess from all my social media updates , you guys have probably know that I went to mini trip after a really long time.

I always loved travelling but I come under those lazy bugs who don’t get easily pleased with the travelling idea *need some extravaganza planning maybe* but to my surprise I loved spending my already scheduled and planned 5 days over this vacation trip and neither the place was fancy nor my stay,maybe all you need is a little break to continuous work load and stress you experience on your daily basis and pack few stuff on your backpack *well technically,I packed a whole lot of stuff* and just spend your day sleeping late,walking around streets,hiking,siting on stone and watch the waterfall,click thousands of pictures,go on a road trip and eat amazing food from different city.

We always make list of things to do,places to go,things to buy and goals to accomplish,but why not we just simply visit different places and check in from our bucket list and put into “I did” account – well thinking at this point of view make things much more positive and less hard,right?
I think, this is what travelling does to you. I know people travel a way more than me but this trip makes me feel the same way *Augustus Waters felt,when he experienced his first flight feeling* (Ohh,yeah I completed reading “fault in our stars” during this trip *much reference,ehh*) unable to express but hard to suppress.
I encourage everyone to invest their hard earned money in travelling atleast once in a year,to collect experience, seek adventure, a peak in to different city and a total change in mindset. Travel brings out a whole new vibe in you,you just don’t want to sit and surf this internet *internet slays,gurl* but you feel like you want to see so many other things too rather than just scrolling down browsing the virtual screen. And for people like me who spend nearly 10 hours on internet working , with very minimal social contact and a whole different professional course in college – it’s a must for them to get their asses out of the chair , book a ticket and get the hell out their houses.
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For me -Travelling is always about comfort but with sense of style and my outfit represents the same. For all the hiking and adventure I paired up my grey colored comfortable joggers from Forever21 (find similar, here)  and kimono stitched from Chemistry and paired up with the most beautiful pair of sneakers and for the second outfit I am more towards sober dressing with tint of casual in it wearing skin tight jeggings from MissChase , shirt from ONLY , bag from Boohoo with thrifted wrapped around scarf and same floral sneakers.

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