Happy Colored Hair : Godrej Nupur Coconut-Henna Crème

Godrej Nupur team were generous enough to send me their hampers , and to read the “Introduction blog” (click here ) and Godrej Nupur Coconut-Henna Crème  is a hair color in a crème format  and the package is quite simple but appealing.

First Impression:  I was sent 4 packets of hair crème with colors – Dark Brown, Natural Black, Natural brown and Burgundy and the one I tried was the “burgundy” one. It is pocket friendly as it only cost Rs.39 per packet with the content of developer and color packets inside.

Pre Wash –  I started the procedure with cleansed hair and started to mix in the developer and color sachets together and trust me that developer smells “all coconut-ty” which will definitely takes you to the coconut forest.
While the color mixture was bit thick but the texture looked really consistent and with “no ammonia” , which was really one of the jackpot in the procedure.

Post Wash – After washing the hair first time (without shampoo and only conditioner) , the hair still smells like coconut field with remains of oil but with hair cleaning regimen with the very next day – You can feel difference on your hair immediately , you hair will get detangled , feel moisturized and extremely light and airy , the color is not harsh or rough but gives subtle glow and essence of it. It gives one hundred percent coverage ,with deep conditioning of henna  and goodness of coconut

If you are regular hair wash-er person like me , then the color will last about quite a month and a half other wise it will last longer than that. I wish the quantity was little more because a packet , isn’t enough for long hairs (or use two , instead *mind* ) 

All in all, this hair color gave my hair a lot of nourishment  with lovely burgundy shade . I have finally for my hair a #colourthatcares

 See you next time


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