10 things every GIRL should know !!

General greeting peoples *smiles* all around , this blog is specially for girls and I want each of them to go through it but I am somehow kinda hoping that some guys do read this blog because the “10 things” I am going to write, I honestly think that everyone should know.

1. You are “Beautiful” *fullstop*
I may sound a little bit negative and conspired but this whole world is created and visually made, to make you feel down and less. People in this society will never see you as a “right person” but will always say stuff that will affect your confidence and your inner boost, whether it be about your face,body or anything you do. All these clothing and beauty company have their marketing strategy to make you feel inferior about yourself , just to sell their product and I may sound like a hypocrite because I myself boost their tactics by buying these products . We all are in a rush to fit in “size 28” and “XS” just to feel good about ourselves but later we realize – we always trouble ourselves just to “fit in” , when in reality – We are beautiful , just the way we are and don’t let these cruel economical tactics or evil society ruin your prettiness in any manner. Celebrate , whatever size you are.

2. You are your own creator 
You choose who you want to be and no one else can do it for you. Nobody is better than you and when you do it , you leave your own signature behind your work which makes it unique. You can be anything you want to be and the best part of it is , it is never too late to work on the way of what you want to become. We are always trained to stick into specific routine or chore or to particular path but let me tell you, who ever you are-whatever you are-wherever you are, you can be anything you want. We are always told to follow some specific norms are family has been done through or what everyone does in the society but whatever you want to be deep down inside, YOU CAN ALWAYS BE . It might seem scary at first but the flavor of hard work is better than the path you never wanted to travel. You are the creator of who you want to be.

3. Your past doesn’t define YOU 
We are generally defined by the wrong selections we do,the rules we have broken and the decisions that have gone incredibly wrong but that doesn’t make you a less good person but infact it made you an awesome “experienced human” . We all are human right and if don’t make mistakes, how are we supposed to learn the great lessons of life like “how to do math” , “whom to make friends” , “whom to love” , “how to trust” . We are always taught to go through specific path and settle down our life, but if we do – How are we supposed to know what “life” actually is. Your mistakes may have given you some serious scars but in the broader picture – It has given you some serious lessons to learn and courage to move on with your life . – Well, that’s the beauty of it.
So, whatever you did and whoever you are – Your past does not define you .

4.You are complete
You are a whole portion of you, well it may sound a little too ‘obvious’ but some people are caught in finding their other half, for their whole life. You are already a combination of all the cool qualities anyone has ever invented in the book of “coolness” and eventually you will meet someone to go along in your awesome journey called life. That person will always be your “plus one” and nobody can complete you because you are already a complete package of awesome-ness . Remember you are not an “half” but a total “one”, you are already completed and valuable enough. So don’t waste the whole time in searching.

5. What is “Feminism”?
At first for many years, I thought “feminism” was bad and it stands out for something negative. But, later I realize it generally mean the “gender equality”. Many people including me have the impression that it means “girls are better than boys” or “it’s women upliftment by seizing down the capability of guys” but it means one simple thing – That it is all about equality between the two genders and with every new improvement I can proudly say that “I am an unapologetic feminist”.

6. It’s Okay to cut people out of your life
It is actually okay and normal to get rid of people out of your life. If people are cutting you down,not including you and you always feel that they are using you just as a doormat , it is pretty normal and humane to cut them out of your life. And I didn’t knew that this was okay and I used to blame myself for anything wrong other people did but later I realize , as you move along with your life – these are some essential measures you have to take it for your own benefit. I always thought “it was me” and guilty for wanting these people out of my life , but once you realize that they are just ruining you , it’s okay to cut them . You don’t have to change because of them , or change them because of you, all you have to do is cut them out of your life – That’s it , simple as that .

7. Ask Questions
As a kids we always have the idea of not wanting to disturb anyone or and seeming dumb if we ask questions. But the wonderful things about life is to “questions them” , explore things you always wonder about,ask people about them. Whatever that might me , it can be silliest question about day-to-day life or questions about religion- just ask me. If they shut you down once, ask them second time,third time,fourth time. Question them about “About your existence” , “How babies come” , “where are gods” , “Why can’t we see them” , “Why do periods come” , “Why boobs come out after period” . Be it a taboo topic or the most dumbest , if you don’t ask , how will you know? Be curious,Be open minded and by learning the views by different people will shape your character and mould your though process. If you stay in box the whole time , this is no fun.

8. It is going to be OKAY 
Whatever you are going through and you feel like it is the end of the world and nothing good will ever happen and everything is going out of your control, even it’s a big thing or small – I just want to tell you that it is going to be okay.  All these emotions may over power you but in the bigger picture , they are actually doing somethings great, it will pass. Whatever you are going through , you will get through – It may seem a little “too speech” but it is going to be okay , this will pass.

9. Your Body , Your Choice 
This goes along with everything I have been saying before , because it is your body and you can do anything you want. You want to get bangs or want to cut you 5 feet hair into a total pixie, want to get a sleeve of tattoo,going bald,bunch of piercing, and that even implies to the stuff you don’t want to do with it. I guess you know what I am talking about, if you don’t want to get your nose pierced , don’t get it – Don’t let the society decides for you , of how you want your body to be. You body is your own canvas,you want to decorate it or maintain it’s simplicity, it’s you choice and don’t get into any pressure just to fit in and satisfy other people’s wish.

10. Sprinkling talcum prevent smelly soles
I wanted to finish this with something less serious and more like a life hack , so if you sprinkle talcum powder on your shoes before you leave house – It will prevent sweating patches and bad smell.

                              So, that’s it – I hope you guys liked it and I don’t want you guys feel like 
                 that I am teaching you something
I see you next time



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