My Favorite Channels on Youtube

Youtube has played such a big role in my life that even my thought processes has been inspired from various videos watched on youtube.

I have been youtube crazy since 1.5 years by now and I couldn’t be more thankful that I actually opened myself to such a vast and wonderful platform of the internet.

I have watched various kinds of videos from beauty gurus,fashion channels and diy,gaming,entertainment,comedy and there’s one thing I liked about all the youtubers – they all are dedicated towards their channel. I watch youtube more than I watch TV , it’s more of a source of entertainment to me.

Favorite Channels on Youtube
Zoella – I love this vlogger who also does beauty , fashion , hair tutorials on her channel . She is fun loving and playful, like it or not . I love how real she is in her channel and she portraits herself as the with all her flaws and laws and it never looked staged and oh,so perfect life. She was the first youtuber, whom I first watched and then got exposed to various others like Joey Graceffa , Tyler Oakley , Pointlessblog , Tanya Burr , Marcus Butler and many more
Michelle Phan – For a girl like me who loves getting dressed up and doing make up , it was nearly impossible to not like “Michelle Phan” . Her artistic ways , her down to earth attitude, her new techniques of make up tips . What’s the best part of her channel?
She do make up tutorial in story form (Underneath your love,catch my heart,Rouge in love)
 and that’s what keep me engrossed .
Desi Perkins – Her videos editing skills are much higher, her make up techniques are way too professional and much to the expectation-they way she explains every step of her make up technique. Though her make up products are way to high end, but then it’s pleasure to see her techniques and tricks of perfect make up tutorial.
Superwoman , Jenna Marbles – All hail to these two amazing ladies , they are trolling queens and they will make up laugh hard . With their amazing mockery and comic version of nearly everything , you will love how down to earth these ladies are. Superwoman’s “Draw my life” videos was the true inspiration to me.
Jenna’s dogs – Peach,Marbles and Kermit are the cutest thing on the planet.
BuzzFeed –  I don’t know what genre I should put them in , but buzzfeed video is my all time favorite channel . Buzzfeed violet, Buzzfeed yellow , Buzz feed purple are their sub channels categorized for different version of videos . They do short stories , small documentaries , latest pop culture and so many more.
Fitness Blender , Xhit Daily, Zumba Hulya, Dance n Sweat by Patrick – I work out at home using these channels and trust me they work ah-mazing. From cardio ,Hiit workout , to quick 5 minute workout, core,legs,thighs and squats and what not .
These are my all time favorite channels on youtube, and I never miss single videos of them (I actually stalk them , if they updated)
And, that’s it guys, What do you watch on Youtube?

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