How I take my Instagram photos + Editing

Instagram is one of my favorite apps, I can spend whole day scrolling through my feeds and constant upload and timely checking of the notifications
and sometimes you need this amazing app to showcase what you got and being a blogger , it helps me to spread my words through pictures.
Instagram is wide spread apps that cast the spell through snaps,but how to take pictures that not only captures the eye but also showcase you as a pro.

Here’s the guide , How I take my instagram pictures
– Before I start to click selfies of my daily make up face or the outfit , I make sure that my camera lens is clean (Device is use for regular outfit or selfie is Samsung galaxy S5) , so I rub my lens and clean it with clean cloth and then start my saga of clicking pictures.
-You won’t get your best shots in 2-3 clicks , so I click at least 25-30 pictures all together and then choose one to upload, make sure you set the function of your phone camera at the point you want , like “beauty base” or “brightness” . If you like more than one picture for upload, then combine multiple photos for the better angle of view.
-Proper light is the key to every amazing photos we see in the feeds, and natural light serves the best purpose. I rarely use flash for my photos and I think natural light gives the soft glow,play around with the poses and with different areas of light and then you will master the way of which area of light gets the best in you.
While focusing,tap your finger in the darkest area and the light will focus more on the lens.
-While taking photos of the object,have a simple background and neutral because this kind of backgrounds will allow the object to get more focus in the image and will give the dewy natural look.
You always paint in the plain background,right?

– Instagram always  crops pictures to square size, so while uploading the picture we end up cropping too much just to fit the size required. I use (photogrid) for the square size of my image, it does this beautiful white background to the image,which focus  more on my photo.

– I don’t use filters , a little bit of contrast and brightness are more than enough as you would be amazed what a little saturation or temperature can do.
If I do use , instagram filters or their features – I use their color feature.

-I like using this app called (square insta pic) , it does this blur thing in the background.

-I like to keep my feed simple and colorful , don’t overthink too much as little things can say a lot about your personality.

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 Happy Instagramming

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