Eye Make up / full face make up for Summers

Now that the summers are in and pretty much every alternate day is like the occasion at some what point.

 There are few make up looks that are so cliche-ed that every body is tired of using it in every occasion.
Here’s the eye make up look perfectly for summer related occasion like morning brunch, evening hangout or night date time and all you have to do is play with the colors and shades and you can create amazing go to look for any occasion of summer day.

My eye make up look (or the whole make up look) is suitable for any time in summer whether it be morning outings or night time date – It just work everytime.

I bet, this flawless and amazing water proof look will be best putting your face forward in the rest of the summer.
As we know that the main focus over here are the eyes , so
Step 1: Take a dot of foundation (or eye primer ,but foundation is cheaper so… Help me I’m poor) and apply on both of your eye lids
Step 2 : Apply a base coat of light matte brown  and apply both on the lids and on the down of the waterline

Step 3 : Take a darker color “Nightmare blue” and slide on to the outer corners of your eyes

Step 4: Apply the color eye liner “Aquamarine” and wing it out at the end , just a little flick
Step 5 : Apply black liner on the lower water liner and apply white eye shadow on the eye corner of your eyes
Step 6 : Take a good, waterproof  black plastic wand mascara and genuinely apply 3-4 coats on your lashes.
Using eye primer will help you in staying your shadow for much longer time and the combination of both matter brown and dark blue will create  3D effect . Using bright colored eye liner will give out the cheerful look to the personality and white color on the inner corners will pop your eyes, making you look more awake.
Curl your lashes and mascara will give out fuller look to the eye and as we all know, mascara just change your look so much.
For the full make up
Step 1: Apply sun screen to protect your skin , using water proof and spf protected foundation and covering spots and blemishes with concealer .
Step 2: Using translucent powder and apply on the center portion of your face like middle of your forehead , on the nose and below the lips and using bronzer for the sun kissed look and concentrate on the cheeks , bridge of nose, cupid’s bow and chin .
Step 3 :Complete you look with fun loving lip color in pink or peach tone.
Hope you like this tutorial 

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