Detoxify your body with detox water (Recipe+Benefits)

Whether you are trying to get back on track with the weight, avoiding sugary drinks or just want to stay healthy or trying to flush out more toxins out of your body, drinking water has always been solution to everything.

From staying hydrated,to boost metabolism,purifying blood and with 6-8 glasses of water everyday will boost your body towards healthier side and will also flush out harmful toxins , vitalizing your organs and boosting your mechanism.

But, who likes to drink plain water?
You can definitely add some natural flavors to your water , which will not only keep you hydrated but will tickle your taste buds with natural benefits leading you to stay hydrated more with best possible working organs and losing weight.
Call it detox water,fruit infused water or fruit flavored – These flavored water have become more popular in the times and there are so many different recipes that you can make.Infused water are generally be any combination of fruits,vegetables and herbs with cold chilly water which gives you benefit of full natural flavors and no calories, Whatosever
I have made 2 detox water , where the first recipe includes vegetables and the other one is made up of fruits. You can alter the ingredients and intake and can make your very own detox water.
1) Metabolism boosting Detox Water – (Fat flushing Recipe)
You need: Half a cucumber (sliced)

                 Half a lemon (Also sliced into pieces)
                 Quarter of peeled ginger 

                 Add mint (for some sweetness in the taste)
Adding some ice cubes will help in boosting the metabolic more, as we all know that, more the cold water, more calories it take to break down to the body temperature.
Lemons make a powerful detox drink, as it helps in cleansing of organs specially from the digestive tracts
Cucumbers contains anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in avoiding water retention and serves as best re hydration for the body
Ginger – The spicy root helps in cleansing out the body and settles the digestive system , increasing the metabolism of the body.
Pro-tip – If you want to loose weight for rapidly , at night add the green tea bag and have at least 2 cups – This will not only gives healthy glow to your skin but will help you in shedding those extra kilos more faster.
2) Fruity Beauty Potion ( Gives your skin natural glow) 
This delicious detox water has mangoes and watermelon in it, and will serve as the best drink in summer .

You will need : Half a mango (Ripe)
1/4th watermelon

Watermelon flush out toxins as it contains organic compounds which helps in liver and kidney filtration and this contains 95% of water and it helps in over all hydration.
Mango contains calcium, iron and also contains anti-oxidant .
 It’s a great potion for hair and helps in moisturize and helps in repairing the skin and hair tissue.
For a person like me  who has the worst metabolic rate, this will help me to boost my water intake as well as help me to stay hydrated all through the summer.

And make sure you keep yourself filled with enough healthy foods and avoid all the processed,glutten and dairy products.

This is not a meal replacement and make sure you don’t skip meals for this.
-Avoid mood swings
-Removes toxins from the body
-Fills your tummy up for the longer time
-You get the natural sweetness from the fruits
-Increases your metabolism
-Keeps your organs healthy while you workout
-Repairs tissues and helps in muscle stamina
-Helps in staying hydrated
 Have a wonderful life
Stay healthy

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