20 Fashion Blog Post Ideas

Many a times when you are committing yourself to produce your piece twice or thrice a week,there occurs a time when you can’t sum up the words and actually give out a good work .

So,many couple of times I experience this notion ” where I don’t know what to write” , “what topics to share”, “what kind of fashion trends should I discuss” and even if I end up deciding a topic , I just cannot put that in a words and present in as a complete work , that’s blogger’s block !!
It’s like I cannot think of anything, no creative ideas and no inspiration and suddenly you fall into the drought of no ideas ,it’s just so hard to actually cope up with these so I decided to actually jot down the ideas prior , which would help me in the drought like conditions.
I thought I’d share these ideas for anyone who needs help themselves, so grab a pen and start writing down.
1) Photograph yourself wearing your favorite outfit (Oh,so common).
2)Did a huge shopping spree with your mom or friend?  Photograph that outfit and show them in your blog one by one explaining why you bought the outfit and other information . (Haul blog)
3) A Fashion wishlist – Make a list of particular season, or a particular trend and list down your the number of items you have been wishing in your closet . A boho slippers , flower crown , white dress, sailor’s top .. Could be anything ! (A Chanel bag , maybe) 
4) A themed outfit, seasonal trend , color inspired or anything which you love
5) Show your creativity by doing some crafty stuff on your wardrobe, Redo your plain white shoes , Do a rhinestones decoration on your plain blouse or turning your boring denim into an awesome distressed ripped denim .
(Want to know how I reinvent my white sneaker, click here)
6) Do a tour of your wardrobe and tell your readers how you keep your stuff in there. (Mine is mess as hell,and I’m not even joking)
7) What fashion trends inspired you, tell us about your favorite designers, fashion icons, fashion houses or even just the magazines . In a word, In what way fashion inspires you (Vogue, I am eyeing on you)
8) Lazy outfit Ideas (Click here and here )
9) Interview local fashion designers
10) Work day outfit
11)Gym wear outfit
12) Solution you just found – How to find the perfect pair of jeans , or how to shop for the white dresses ?
13) Fashion trends you like, or fashion trends you don’t like (I hate,neon and animal print – Eh!)
14) Favorite celebrity trend (Kim Kardashian’s Pencil skirt trend)
15)What to pack for a trip ? (Going to beach, tell us your ideas)
16) Tell us about the fashion problem you have and if you have fixed it, tell us how?
17) Pick a outfit and show them how you can style them in different ways
18) Pick a piece out of your wardrobe and tell us why you can’t live without them? (My scarf , I love you)
19) Show us your favorite fashion outfit and why you love them?
20) What magazine are you loving this month ? Does vogue have this amazing article, or  a cosmo in fact – Tell us
I hope these ideas would help you in any sort, If you have other fashion blog ideas feel free 
to share them

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