Claire’s – Haul !!

First thing first, there’s no way I am in sort of  bragging or showing off the stuff I bought but it’s just a friendly post of stuff I shopped for spring and summer. Claire is a beautiful shop for accessories, jewellery, cute stationary and beauty. In short, it’s a dream shop for every girl and when you enter it’s like all the cute things has been stuffed and just “so-tumblr”.

So,here’s the pictures of every stuff I bought from beauty to accessories and stationary . I didn’t sweep off the shop but just few things I bought.
This is a beautiful powder brush and one more brush (I didn’t pictured it though) from Kabuki which is more kinda blusher brush and one pastel colored beauty blender, I seriously love the soft bristles and the intensity of the blender which blends so perfectly and amazing to finish off your make up.
Can any phone cover be much cuter? , “I am totally #tweeting this” is so cute and totally girly for my phone, it’s a built in phone case with straight way wallet for your credits and debits.
The crown hairband is so subtle and coppered and the ear cuff was just another add-on to the spring desired list.
It’s a rose gold colored bracelet with beautiful tag-ons and the perfect way to add the tint of girly-ness in your personality . The best part about these type of jewelleries are that they can fit along with any type of clothing style and occasion. Wear it along with multicolored bangles , it adds more class to the outfit.
I also bought “reindeer-head” ring (which I forgot to take picture again)
I wasn’t planning to buy but after the bill was checked in but  my eyes drooled over and found this watch, which was so perfect, so chic and perfectly “my style” . The golden edge,stars inside and solid matte black leather belt is all I was eyeing on for the spring/summer season
I am not a diary person,but definitely a cute stationary person. Anyways I  do keep a habit of jotting down every important events and every blog I update or future blogs to update so for that purpose  I couldn’t resist buying this beautiful “sparkle” diary.
“Cute,Isn’t it”?
These are all the stuff I bought , hope you enjoyed !!
 Love you all


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