Valentine’s Day Gifts and Date ideas !!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and the hype is too much to expect for , at times I do agree that people over hype some occasions and and events which not only gives us the unrealistic expectations by also a picture in our that gets too cheesy to be in real. With numerous offers and merchandises all around the shops , the pressure is really on , buying red,pink or heart shaped is like the signature stuff of V-tines (well, it has to be)
But as facts are concerned either single or in relationship,we can’t just ignore the valentine’s day (hate it or love it)
Here,the list of inexpensive and “non cheesy” date and gifts idea for the person you love.

1) Stay-in
Restaurants and cafe’s look beautiful with all red heart shaped balloon and candles, but there is something different in cooking up food for your loved one and making up your own dining table with red roses and candles. Personalizing is always the beast tool for creative heads. Cooking together and eating desert together can be one of the most best memories.

2) Plan a day
Don’t celebrate your love day,with bad catered food in the restaurants and stuff. Plan your day outside,go on a picnic or just for the drive. Go on for a resort and plan a relaxed spa treatment and pool sunlight.
Pamper each other, for all the hardships of the year.

3) Extravagant gift
Gifts ranges from a diamond ring to  those expensive dates, which (yeah!) leads to much of “oh-so-talk about” topic but the only thing that matters at the end of the day is “the effort behind the scene”. Handmade cards,box of chocolates,jar with home made cookies are the best you can give. And even you know that nothing beats the power of classic hand written love notes.

4) Power of Re-collect
Sit back on the couch and talk about the “first date” or “how you guys met” or “how your friends reacted when they came to know about you guys”.
Getting nostalgic about the love of togetherness and cute gesture is worth the expensive reservation to five star or expensive gifts.

Despite being the cheesy ness all around the globe about the “valentine effect” , let’s go easy and basic. Don’t forget to show your love to everyone around your family.
This day is not just for lovers , but your parents or siblings or the cute furry pets.

 I love you all

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