Tips to have Amazing hair (Part-2)

Since, the part one of the blog of same title about the hair care and regular tips that can be followed at home and with natural remedies,many of them e-mailed me with numerous questions saying that “they want more hair masks ideas” and wanting for more “hair care” blog.

I personally got so attached with these mails,and that motivated me to write another blog about “Tips to have amazing hair (part 2) , If you by any chance want to read the “Part 1” of the blog- Click here .
This blog is basically the idea given to take care of hair , specially in summers. With summer heat and dust , our hair gets thin and loses their lust and shine – So,let’s get straight to the blog.
1)Summer – Ehh… What?
Summer disgusts me to the core and I am not talking about that summer which longs to maximum of 27 degree celsius but here in India we experience the dead heat of 50 degrees (death) .
With our skin getting sunburn,our hair and it’s scalp also gets sunburned leads to weak locks and faded natural color.When you are out for long time,make sure you cover your hair with scarf,cap or hat and do check twice that it is not tied too tight which slows down the circulation under your scalp.
Summer often invites the activities like joining swimming classes,spending more time in pool and beach but  due to presence of chlorine and salt in the water it  leads to poor development of hair growth and more tangles.You can avoid these by simply washing your hair before and after swimming,braid your hair before coming in contact with your water or simply wear swimming caps.
With the heat and sweat all mix over,the scalp usually smells bad and hair gets pretty oily every alternate day. To avoid this , apply the simple 3 day rule:
Day 1 : Oil your hair-Shampoo and conditioner-Apply any good serum or moroccan  oil and brush it out
(*By the end of next day,our hair usually loses the shine and gets little oily)
Day 2 : After you came back home from work or college,go for night shower and simply wash your hair with only              water and brush your hair out
(*With this technique,your hair revert back to the shine with the effect of conditioner without losing the                    natural oil of the hair *)
           (*But with the end of 3rd day,due to excess heat,sweat and dust – our hair totally loses the shine and                          gives  us the “bad hair look” *)
Day 3 : Take a night shower,apply any hair mask or hair cream or (if too lazy) go for simply washing your hair                  with water
Water is very important aspect during summers , and it is important to stay hydrate during summers just to maintain the fluidity of the body temperature. (Set the goal of 6-7 glasses of water every day and then increase it to maximum of 10 glasses of water)
Yes,it is difficult to style your hair with pretty open hair when it’s so damn hot outside and eventually we all end up with those “hair updo”. Braids and it’s different types,messy bun,milkmaid braids are the coolest hair styles in the season.
Tease your hair from the middle section and the roots and then tie up a good pony, this not only gives the huge volume but also gives the pretty look and style them with  bunny hair rubber bands
Messy buns are so easy,so relieving and so fun and if you are too tired to use that simple messy buns everyday try braided messy bun and you are good to go.
Dutch braids , french braids are so easy to make and then add that pretty cute factor and saves us from sticking it up with the sweat and add the cute girly look by adding the bow clips and bow rubber bands.
Make sure , you don’t tease your hair too much because teasing makes your hair weak and thin and use the wide wide tooth hair comb instead of brush.
Ps: Don’t tie your hair too tightly.
3)Be cool to accessories and hair styling products 
Since your hair is already vulnerable  with those heat and sweat, be gentle with the accessories and heat products.
Make sure that the accessories you are using are not tight fitted, be gentle towards the bobby pins and rubber bands , if you feels to rounds of rubber bands is loose but three is tight – I recommend go for 2 strands , and pin up the baby hairs with pin.
Check out if your hair accessory is too tight or not by these self experiment.
1)while pulling out the pins or rubber bands,are there any extra hair that keeps pulling out along with them?
2)Has your hair fall frequency got increased?
3)Do you feel headache or some pressure around those accessories
If yes,then you should check upon using the technique of accessories.
Be cool towards using the hair styling products like flat iron,curling wand or even blow dryers  – Let you hair dry naturally.
Try using the products less, as much as possible.
If you want to use the products,keep the heat low and then use it. Don’t go buy these products which are cheap or has no authenticity , even if they are pricier- Invest on good stuff.
4)Don’t blame it on season
“I am having too much hairfall”
“It’s the season” 
Excuses like these , are the biggest reason why your hair end up with dandruff and non shiny. Stop blaming it on the season , like the body the hair needs  care too.
Change your routine as the season changes.
Go for good quality shampoo,which as low detergent rate.
Eye ball the ingredient of your shampoos and conditioner, if it contains “Sodium lauryl sulfate,ammonium lauryl sulphate” – It’s a big no no !!
5) Trim 
Our hair grows fast in warmer season , maintain a good cycle of trimming leads to good percentage of hair growth and it avoids the problems like “thin hair , root problem,tangling”.
 I love you all

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