My Last “Winter” Blog- Marsala lookbook

Winters in India are specifically on the verge of getting over , not in the real sense we can still see fog and it’s raining every evening but most probably with the commencement of february  but can expect some sunshine in the weather.

I was saving this topic , for last of this month and it was “Marsala”
We all by now know , that color of 2015 is “Marsala” and by that we can mean that the color influences the royalty and lady like feature in us.
So I decided to feature the color in my blog .

All I used was Marsala colored leg warmers “kintted” and Marsala colored blanket scarf , my idea for this was minimally dressing with the color but still to set out in the trend.

 The idea for this lookbook is simple yet chic , trendy but with the subtle look.
Dressing the black sweat with knitted half shrug and leg warmer and pompom beanie , is something I look for in winters.

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