Let’s face it : Panic attacks

This topic is too personal for me and when I talk about this I became too vulnerable but ,
“Let’s face it : Panic Attacks”
If you are reading this , then probably you are suffering from it , your loved ones are suffering from it or either you may want to know more about it. If by any means I help you in above three context I will be truly obligated and by means If I help one person in total , this post is worth it.
Anxiety attack is the worst feeling , a sufferer can have . With the emotions all bound up and the reactions that reciprocate in turn is the worst output of it.
We all get nervous , get anxious and worry about things as for example : “You have to give an exam tomorrow , or you have an important job interview tomorrow” but after the completion of the event , the person calms himself and he is back to the routine.During the phase of nervousness or getting anxious before the event , the intensity of taking tension before is tolerable to every organs reacting in the body but sometimes person taking tension or getting anxious , their level increase which seems to have an intolerable effect to your sympathetic nervous system  , and in return you feel the massive adrenaline rush possibly in a negative way inside your body and that’s what create the phase of “anxiety attacks”.
Person may suffer from anxiety attacks to extreme level and to a mild level , the trigger point of getting anxiety is different and reaction towards it is particularly different too. Sometimes , it happens that person himself doesn’t know what he is panicking about and therefore the brain is still indulged in the stress of last thought the person has stressed about.
Why am I writing about anxiety attacks ?
There are two occassions :-One night around 1:10 am , I woke up feeling restless and filled with lots of emotions.I was  feeling too many emotions rushing inside me. Couldn’t breath properly , If a person look at me he would feel I am choking up I wasn’t but I have to take heavy and deep breaths to complete my breathing cycle and feeling too tight I thought I was locked up in a closed and dark room and this continued for rest 10 minutes and I end up crying for no reason.

-I went to college to collect my admit card for exams and then some issues came upon , there I got so nervous that I felt that someone has loaded weight on my shoulder , my legs for so heavy and I couldn’t feel any gravity ,my heart starting pounding so fast and I couldn’t stand for a second.

After the second encounter , I went to psychologist  and she asked me bunch of questions and listening to every thing I said, she described the events as :

“You take things too seriously, sometimes people take their fears as fears but you don’t react the way you suppose to when you are sad,angry or nervous and in that reference your subconscious mind take all these events into that chamber of your brain that takes account of your all bad moments and then in another event , when you get nervous – your subconscious mind releases the negative emotions which results into panic attacks.
So,your panic attacks are not particularly for the event you just encountered , it’s mostly because you didn’t reacted much before and now when you got nervous recently , you anxiety chamber just triggered”

I was diagnosed with : Anxiety with panic attack in combination of social anxiety and separation anxiety.

2)What exactly is Panic Attacks,What happens during attacks?
It’s the rushing of negative emotions all together , that comes as an outcome of massive outburst of panic.
It’s the feeling where your heart beats so fast , you feel like you are locked up in a closed and dark place.The feeling you get when you are in a roller coaster and it takes a sharp turn and you feel all wound up with the emotions.
Your legs starts to shake or maybe in the major attacks your body vibrates and you feel heavy while breathing.Your six senses become too sensitive,you feel like the world around you is moving too fast and you are playing in slow motion.You would hear the clear sound in the crowd and see the minute details into the masses.
You brain rush into the different calculative facts and you feel too anxious with all the stuff,and then your heart beats so fast with little breath and shakiness.
You feel smothered,nauseous,faint feeling,heavyness around your shoulder and joints.
Panic attacks ranges from : 3 to 25 minutes
My attacks never lasted for more than 10 minutes and the way to end my panic is when I start to cry , Crying means I finally managed to place all my emotions into their right places which was rushing before and the emotion I chose to end up with is “crying” – That’s what my Doctor said (Thank God !! i didn’t choose to laugh at the end)
3)Why Panic attacks occur?
Long term stress leads to the key to open the chamber of anxiety , when you spend too much of alone time and that alone time brings the negativity around your daily routine,you cannot speak your mind and you keep emotions and feelings to yourself  -it results into it.
Panic attacks does not occur over night , you have tension and stress for 1 month and then you say you have anxiety attacks – No , you cannot have that (heard many people self-diagnosing that)
Having anxiety and panic attacks are linked , and the thing that links them is trigger point.
My trigger point usually happens when I am in clubs with lots of spotlights and dark closed places,I manage myself during exams and interviews but places where there are so many crowd,closed places ,public transport ,socializing places.
I am often tagged as boring , because I would rather spend my day off or weekend watching “sex and the city” and in my pyjamas rather than feeling wierd and spending night in a club.
4)What to do,when you are suffering from anxiety attacks?
Just collect yourself together and try to breath,don’t talk or look but just “BREATH”
5)What to do,when you see someone suffering from attacks?
if your best friend,daughter,son,wife,husband,girlfriend,boyfriend or anyone you love is suffering from anxiety all you have to do , “never make them feel that you are ashamed of them” or “They are making this up”. Trust me feeling all this is not a worth to “make this thing up” there are other ways to seek attention and “anxiety attacks” is surely not one of them.
Just don’t say anything and let them breath,don’t play trick question game or ask them “if they need water”
ofcourse,they do!! 
Hand them bottle and stand with them,say that you are proud of them – hold their hands and say “you love them”
If attack occur in public places all you have to do , is care about them and not what others will think.
The person who is suffering is probably ashamed of himself,don’t make them more.
Just try to keep them calm and say you “love them” and hug them lightly.
That’s what they need.!!
Don’t say”
“Don’t be ridiculous,you are making me gross .It’s all in your thought – what you need tell,tell tell”
Instead say”
“Just stay calm,try to breath and I am proud of you.This will not kill you , you have to be strong and end this thing. Don’t let the attack ruin your self confidence and you are with them”.
If you know some one suffering from anxiety or panic attacks , force them to read this blog.
 I love you all

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